What about 2017?

If you live in the northern hemisphere and you’re a triathlete, your competition season is kind of limited. That is if you’re not competing outside a 3 hours flying radius… For example, this weekend is the world largest olympic distance triathlon event in Noosa, Australia. My friend Tim will be heading into the water at 24 °C, and meanwhile I’ll be… Read more →

Low these bike legs at the moment

Back on track

Radio silence from my end usually means one out of two things; either I’m swamped with work or I’m a bit blue. This time it’s been a bit of both. It’s been roughly 2 months since IRONMAN 70.3 Pays D’Aix. At first I was filled with energy when I got home, I rested for a bit and then started reloading… Read more →

Lunch in Aix-en-Provènce the day before race day with my wonderful wife!

Race day is here!

Ok, so first paragraph is for those who just want to have the quick information about how to follow me and sort of what to expect. My BIB nr is 1127 and you’ll follow me best at or via the app IronTrac. The MPROs are starting at 07:30 and the FPROs are starting at 07:32, where after all the… Read more →

Happy with a medal aroung my neck, showered and ready to go home

Race report: Vasaloppet 2016

So, I figured It’s time to write a race report in English and what better race to do it on than the iconic race Vasaloppet (Vasa Ski Race). For those of you not familiar with it, it’s a cross-country skiing (classic discipline) race over 90 km mimicking the route that the Swedish king Gustav Vasa took, supposedly by skis, in… Read more →

Morgongänget som jag simmar med

Återhämtningsvecka, nya simgänget och Frankrike

Jag har haft tre riktigt bra veckor nu med 9,5+ timmar träning och bra fokus. Inget pass har lämnats åt slumpen. Tidiga morgnar med simning eller cykling och löpning runt lunchtid. Ingen träning kvällstid, utan när jag kommer hem från jobbet på vardagarna eller när tjejerna vaknar efter mitt-på-dagen-luren på helgen så är det fokus på familjen. Avgörande domen för… Read more →