Race day is here!

Ok, so first paragraph is for those who just want to have the quick information about how to follow me and sort of what to expect. My BIB nr is 1127 and you’ll follow me best at www.ironman.com or via the app IronTrac. The MPROs are starting at 07:30 and the FPROs are starting at 07:32, where after all the AGs start at 07:40. There will be a rolling start where all the AGs position themselves in accordance to their expected swim time. I will be in the ”fastest” start group which has an expected swim time of less than 30 minutes. Speaking of which, I’ve now acquainted myself with the swim, bike and run course, from these sessions I’ve drawn some conclusions on my expected times… Swim, pretty straight forward, as long as I swim rather straight and nothing strange happens I’m happy with anything under 28:30. Bike, this one is a bit more tricky, the elevation itself poses no real threat, I’m aware of it and I will pace myself delicately through all the uphill. However there will be a lot of wind tomorrow, 9 m/s give or take. Now this could either end up as expected from the north and then the bike leg will be pretty fast, or it can go the other way around :). I’d say that you can expect anything from 2:25-2:45 for the bike leg. Now the run is where I’ve adjusted my expectations the most. I’ve had three run sessions here since Wednesday evening and it’s hilly I can tell you. 140 m gain on each lap… 420 m over a half marathon is pretty steep. Given this experience I’m happy with anything under 1:30…

Race day is finally here, or actually it’s a couple of hours away but the bike is checked, the bike and run bags are hanging in its respective locations and the street wear bag is packed. All that’s remaining is writing this before going to bed. Now my alarm will ring two times tomorrow ”morning”, first time at 03:40 to begin my ritual with breakfast 4 hours before race start. I’ll ”devour” the breakfast fast and go to bed again for little over an hour before waking up at 05:00. Most of you might think, ”that will never work”, but actually I’ve done it many times and this is a system that works for me because then I’m certain that I will ”empty” my system properly before start and I have no unnecessary weight in my ”vehicle”.

My expectations for tomorrow are mostly regarding performing a ”good” race. Of course my main goal is a ticket to IRONMAN 70.3 WC in Mooloolaba, but my belief is that my form will take me there if I perform a good race; fast swim, well paced bike and solid run. To break this down a little closer. I’m not gonna ”hold back” on the swim, I’m going to try to swim as fast as I can. I won’t cycle as fast as I possibly can on the 90 k, because my bike form simply won’t allow it. I most likely could do a solid 2:20 something bike split on this course, however this would render my body useless afterwards. My goal is to hit the top of ”Col du Cengle” and feel that I can ”relax” all the way down to the bike finish replenishing my electrolytes, caffeine and carb levels so that when going out on the run I can concentrate on keeping my pace instead of trying to take in energy. On the run my plan is to start in a 4:10-15/km pace and let it drop to 4:25 going uphill and increase to 3:55-4:00 going downhill. If this feels ok, I will keep this for the first two laps and then ”let loose” if there is room in the tank for it.

Needless to say, I am an engineer to the bone and so this reasoning is how I prepare for a race :). I’m very happy that this day has finally come and that my preparations since december has gone smooth. I’m also grateful that I’ve been able to be here doing my final tapering since Wednesday evening and that I have my super supporter crew with me. The leader of the pack in this supporter crew is my wonderful supporting wife, Aida, and without her nothing of this would ever be possible. The fact

that she puts up with me and my ”plans” is just amazing and I’m the luckiest person alive to get to spend my life with her. At her disposal and also part of the ground support is my parents, who are more than experienced in terms of supporting on different races. This time they are kind enough to come with us on this adventure since we got our second daughter Liv in january and although Aida is awesome, she wouldn’t have any time resting whatsoever without them with a two-year old and a newborn.

Sometimes people tell you things that stick and even though I think this particular person has used this phrase many times with many people I’ve taken this one to heart and will live by it tomorrow especially… ”Swim, Bike and Run like the God you are!” – Rubin McRae


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