Three weeks to go…

As of this sunday it’s three weeks to go. Three weeks to go until the race that I have been aiming for since last December. First I didn’t even know I was going to get a slot. After my first race of the season on the 1st of May that slot was secured and since then the 4th of September has been in my sight. The Ironman 70.3 WC in Mooloolaba, Australia.

After Aix-en-Provence I’ve had kind of a hard time reloading and finding motivation. I had a bump just in time for the national championship in half ironman distance, but had no form so competing there just bummed me out even more. 

I’ve had a long period now where alot has just turned to shit. I guess it’s been a combination of crazy workload and poor training motivation… Fortunately that has now changed! 

I got positive energy at work and positive energy in training. I’ve got about 40 more hours of training to do before the 4th and then it’s go time!

Right now my form is really manifesting itself. Yesterdays temposession, 90 min @ 295 W Np, followed by a 75 min brick at distance pace felt awesome. All sessions done on purely water and food intake more controlled in order to shed the last few kilograms off and reach race weight. 

I won’t be standing on the podium on sunshine coast, but I’m determined to do my best race to date!


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