03:00, 01:22, 00:36

Those were my swim splits this morning, when my main serie was 4x (200 + 100 + 50 m). Had I done this set last week, I would have started off at around 03:20 and finished the 50 m at 00:40. What has happend since then? 

I’ve never swum with a coach. I was raised with a pool in our back yard, so I learned to swim at a young age. When I started swimming ”for real” in 2012, I just jumped in the pool and started swimming. Sure I watched some Youtube videos to try to perfect my stroke and of course learn the flip turn. This tuesday I had my first session with a coach, Gabriella Fagundez.

To be honest, I didn’t know who she was. Now I’ve learnt that she still holds the Swedish national record on 800 m freestyle and that she’s really good at explaining what I should do!

The most mindblowing thing for me was that I have been breathing ”badly” this whole time. Actually I have been breathing to much… I’ve always thought that I should exchange all the air in my lungs, however as it turns out I should only exchange the air in my chest. This small adjustment resulted in a 5 cm elevated body position in the water!

So, to this morning… I was in a bit of a rush to get in time for a dentist appointment so it was a short set. It was however with awesome focus and good speed. My idea was to cycle through the 200, 100 and 50 with increased speed and sustained focus. It wasn’t my intention that it would go fast… First two sets I layed in third position behind John and Adam. Then I felt I should probably do the pacing as I felt strong. The boys got somewhat of a hickup when I picked up the pace, but they all stuck with me… more or less… Last two sets arrived at 3:00, 1:22 and 0:36, pretty decent for being in the off-season! ?


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